bronze colored spiral seashell  Hypnosis is a natural state which can be utilized to create personal change. Hypnosis engages a profound creative intelligence which resides in the deepest reservoirs of our unconscious mind. Accessing the unconscious mind using hypnosis allows us to develop insight and awareness into aspects of ourselves that was previously unknown. Many people find that they have emotional experiences that they do not understand. Thoughts that they sometimes find confusing. Others feel frustrated in their efforts to make postive behavioral changes. Hypnosis can provide knowledge ,clarity and the resources to create change.

Hypnosis generates a mental state very similar to meditation and yoga. Many masters of hypnosis indicate that "all hypnosis is self-hypnosis" in that the therapist or hypnotist merely creates the conditions by which you can engage this creative unconscious. 

Hypnosis is the right words said in the right way at the right time. Hypnotists learn how to say these words in this manner to facilitate a trance state. Trance is a natural state. Many people experience it while doing everyday tasks like driving or doing dishes. You can also think of trance as a process of intense mental focus. Once a person learns to experience hypnosis these benefits continue far beyond the therapy session.

While the state of hypnosis can be accomplished by anyone with the basis training, Clinical hypnosis is practiced by licensed mental health providers with extensive training. Clinical hypnotists practrice hypnosis to assist clients in improving mental health, recovering from trauma, decreasing anxiety, pain management and to treat conditions like OCD, Depression, Aspergers, and PTSD.There are very few limitations to the types of issues and conditions for which hypnosis is beneficial.

Find out how hypnosis can help you improve yourself, your life, and your emotional wellbeing. 

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