Becoming a new client

How to begin the process of becoming a new client at WPS

Please email me if you are interested in becoming a new client. I will respond with information and instructions as to how to become a new client.  I will need explicit permission to send you the registration forms via email, postal mail or fax. Once permission has been received I will send you the forms in a manner that is in  compliance with HIPAA privacy policies. After I have received the completed forms we will schedule a telephone consultation. The initial phone consultation will provide us the an opportunity to discuss your concerns and decide if we are a good match to work together. If all goes well then we will schedule the first appointment within two weeks of the initial phone consultation. My practice is often full so I maintain a waiting list for clients who feel they can wait to begin counseling. Most clients begin therapy off of the waiting list. You can be placed on the waiting list and begin the process while still looking around to see if someone else can get you in sooner. Only you can decide if it makes sense to wait several weeks to begin therapy. My email reply to your inquiry will provide you with an estimated waiting time so you can  make decisions about how to proceed. Thank you for your time and consideration. 


How to obtain the WPS registration forms:

Please send an email to  [email protected] to request the registration forms. 


This information is for your records userfiles/3095498/file/WPS%20HIPAA%20NOTICE%20OF%20PRIVACY%20RIGHTS%202014.pdf

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